Singer 14CG754 Profinish Thread Serger Reviews

You’ll be quite pleased with this serger from Singer as it performs exceptionally well. It comes with a good price for a product that’s worth more than what it’s being offered on the market. It’s designed to produce professional results but made by an amateur. Aside from cleaning seam edges, you can use it to make special effects by adding decorative stitching styles, like Rolled Hemming. For quality seam finishes, this can be a better option.

Singer 14CG754 Profinish Thread Serger Reviews 1

Product Features:

  • With differential feed. You can fully adjust it to ensure that there’s an even feed when you use the machine. In this way, you’ll have perfect seams on every fabric. That is, no puckering. This feature is also great to avoid stretch fabrics from being stretched out.
  • Includes stitch length dial. Unlike other machines that also have this tool, Profinish Thread’s stitch length dial is conveniently found on the side of the machine. You can use it to customize the length of the stitch that match your sewing projects.
  • Has a moveable upper knife. Through this adjustable cutting tool, you can easily make accurate adjustments to suit the desired width. The knife can cut fabric of about 3.0 to 6.7 mm width. This prevents trimming while you sew.
  • With presser foot lifter that’s higher than regular. The extra height gives extra clearance. This is essential when you place multiple layers of fabric under its presser foot. It’s ideal if you’re sewing or stitching denim.
  • Sews at 1,300 per minute. It’s a totally timesaver as you can trim and overcast raw edges to produce quality seam finishes in a short period of time. Thanks to its speed.
  • With 6 types of stitches. This will ensure that your project will have the perfect stitch, whether it’s about finishing raw edges, Blind Hems or sewing seams. This machine can do those jobs efficiently.
  • Comes with Lay-in Threading System. It makes threading a lot easier and more fun. All you’ve to do is follow the threading diagram printed on the machine. Then, let the built-in automatic threader take care of everything. In that way, there’s no need for you to memorize each color. Threading it this way couldn’t be easier.
  • With built-in free arm. This feature allows you to sew cuffs and sleeves perfectly and easily. Through this function, you can sew sleeves, pant legs and other cylindrical items with ease.
  • Covered with 25 years limited warranty. Unlike other products in this price category, this machine is covered with 25-year warranty for manufacturer’s defect. Its electric and electronic components are covered for 2 years and 90 days for its parts and labor. This isn’t bad for the product at this price.
  • Can be easily carried around. Portability isn’t an issue with Singer ProFinish as it allows you to carry it anywhere.
  • Has built-in Rolled Hems. This is a very useful tool considering how tricky it is to sew a very small hem that’s made of two folds. With this built-in function, you’ll have control over the style. This will help you produce not only a professional-looking product but also elegant finish. Plus, it comes with Rolled Hem stitches that give your scarves and table linens project a more elegant finish.
  • With flatlock stich. Through this function, you can apply decorative threads to give your project unique embellishment effects.


  • Does the job well.
  • Very straightforward
  • Produces nice stitch
  • Comes with instructional video
  • Very affordable


  • Very short warranty for parts and labor

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