Rolled Hem Tutorial for Brother 1034D Serger

1) Use only the right needle.
The machine comes with a little allen wrench that can be use to remove the left needle. Make sure you tighten the screw after you remove the needle.

2)Remove the stitch finger.
Lift the presser foot up. Then pull all the threads to the back. Next, turn the wheel until the upper looper is at its lowest position.Using the tab next to the orange arrow, press the little lever at the base of the stitch finger. It will then pop right out. Set that aside for now.

3) Set your machine according to the following settings. You can experiment with both settings.

Try this setting :

Right Needle: 5
Upperlooper: 5.5
Lowerlooper: 8

Differential Feed: .7
Stitch Length: R
Stitch Width: 5

or this setting:
Left needle Yellow: 0
Right needle Pink: 4
Upper looper Green: 4 (between 1-4)
Lower looper Blue: 7 (between 5-7)

Differential feed: 1
Stitch length: R-2
Stitch width: R

See which of these settings would work for you well. Below is a video tutorial of how to do a rolled hem on brother 1034D.

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