Juki MO644D Portable Serger Reviews

Juki Portable Serger is a high-quality brand serger that doesn’t compromise on features, despite its smaller size. Designed for commercial use, this portable machine can also be used by both professionals and amateurs alike. Although it’s developed for industrial use, it’s considered portable because of its weight of 18 pounds. Overall, this machine is sturdy making it a durable sewing machine that can handle huge amount of wear and tear. It’s a reliable machine that can last for many years.

Juki MO644D Portable Serger Reviews 1

Product Features:

  • Incorporated rolled hemming. You’ll definitely appreciate this future, especially if you’re a novice as it makes it easier for you to finish sportswear or casual projects. Professionals can also take advantage of this tool to help them with floor-length dresses that have complex styles. Regardless of your expertise, this feature will give your project a more professional look. It gives you neat edging of curtains, clothing, etc.
  • Snap-on presser feet. This feature makes it easier for you to move from one sewing technique to another. You don’t need to use a screwdriver to change. It makes the machine powerful enough to help you overcome difficult sewing tasks with prefect results.
  • 2/3 thread serger. It’s one of the best features of this machine as it lets user to covert 2 and 3 thread sewing. In here, you can use this machine to create two threads but each stitch is separated from the other.
  • With color-coded thread paths. It’s a common feature of a Juki portable serger machine. The threading path that’s color-coded is provided for easy threading. It uses the colors red, blue and green. The paths are clearly marked.
  • Tension adjustment. It has guides to ensure that the thread is in place. This feature also ensures that the sewing tension is properly applied based on your speed. The 1-rotation Thread Tension Dials are offered for consistent tension adjustment.
  • Presser foot with multiple functions. This is a standard feature of most serger machines. With it, you can create overlock stitches. You can also add elastic, sequins to your project using this tool.
  • Built-seam guide. With this feature, you can be sure that the seam allowances are accurate. The gauge is found on the guard cover. It gives you accurate allowances as you serge away.
  • Sturdy knife technology. Through its dedicated knife system, you can be sure of consistent cutting for light and heavy-weight fabrics. It also makes it easier for you to cut any type of fabric.
  • Better view. This machine provides better lights, especially to those needle and fabric areas for easy viewing. It’s great when you need to use the machine late at night.
  • With differential feed adjustment. This is to keep things moving evenly. It also helps in creating fashion techniques. With it, you can make lettuce edges with ease through the machine’s differential feed dial.
  • Easy width adjustment. Just by turning the dial, you can easily cut the width of the fabric as the machine adjusts it quickly allowing you to have perfect seams.
  • Comes with accessories. The packages includes oiler, thread nets, tweezer, looper threader, light bulb, vinyl cover, instruction manual, and foot control and power cord. You’ll also receive presser foot, screwdriver and spool caps.
  • Different stitches available. This machine has 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, 3-thread narrow overlock, 3-thread rolled hem and 2-thread overcast.
  • Fast sewing speed. With a maximum speed of 1,500 rpm, you can’t go wrong with this machine.


  • Outstanding noise reduction feature as it creates little to no vibration at all.
  • Can be used to serge aluminum frame.
  • Easy transport through its portable design.
  • Can handle tough materials, like denim material and elastic.
  • With powerful motor.
  • With features that can help avoid getting injured.


  • Restricted to serger-type of sewing.
  • Insufficient accessories

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