Juki MO-50E 3/4 Thread Serger Review and Product Features

This model from Juki is one of the best serging machines of said company. Although it’s not the best in this department, you can make it your new best friend as it can provide you the professional finish that you want when overcastting edges or cutting off seam allowance.

Juki is based in Tokyo, Japan. It has been in the industry since 1938. The company has been producing customer-based products that can surely provide value to their customers.

As regards to this model, you can’t go wrong with its top-quality features, which are usually available only from expensive machines. This easy-to-use machine has automatic looper threader and differential feed as two of their best features.

With all its different useful features, you may think that this serging machine is a complicated unit. However, as you go through its instruction manual, you can learn what each feature does and how it can help you finish a project.

This is a great machine that makes your clothing more durable and stronger. You can sew your clothes without a sewing machine. But, once you’ve used this unit, you can’t get away with it anymore.

Stitch Options:

  • 3-thread rolled hem
  • 4-thread overlock
  • 3-thread narrow overlock
  • 3-thread rolled hem with differential feed
  • 3-thread flatlock
  • 3-thread overlock


As previously mentioned, this isn’t the fastest serging machine that you can find on the market but it can give you a maximum speed of 1,300 spm. This is more than enough to finish a task within a few minutes.

Additional Features

  • With calibrated knife adjustment. This is one of the features that you can rarely see in this price category. You can remove the upper knife so you can safely thread. Furthermore, this feature allows you to have consistent results.
  • Equipped with differential feed. This unit comes with a dial that lets you control and adjust the machine when handling stretchy and crinkly fabrics.
  • Has automatic lower looper threading. If you’ve a problem with threading before, then this feature gives you an easy way to thread. All you have to do is push this function and the tread will automatically go through allowing you to thread in seconds.
  • Rolled hemming feature. With a simple fingertip control, you can create rolled hem without changing the machine’s foot or plate.
  • Stitch length and lower knife that can be adjusted. When there’s a need for you to change the length of the stitch between 1 to 4 mm, you can just turn its dial found on the right hand side of the unit. If you need to change the fabric’s width to create perfect rolled edges, you can easily adjust its lower knife.

Other features include sewing light, waste collector, and lay-in thread type tension slots.

Overall Review

You can’t go wrong with this machine. It has features that you can only find on expensive models. If you want to produce durable and stronger home-sewn clothing, then you should have this unit in your home. You can get away without owning a sewing machine but you can’t get away without having this unit.


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of useful features
  • Lightweight
  • Made by a reputable company


  • Takes time to learn how this unit works
Juki, MO-50E, 3 or 4 Thread Serger, Lay In Tensions, Adjustable Differential Feed, Built In Rolled Hem, Automatic Lower Looper Threader, Retractable Upper Knife

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