How to a Thread Brother 1034D Serger Machine

Threading a serger is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks when dealing with a serger most especially if you are a beginner. The important thing to remember though is no to be overwhelmed and do not treat it as complicated. It is actually easier than you think, just do it slowly and follow the steps carefully.

Here are some safety precautions before threading your brother 1034D serger.

It is ideal to turn off the main power.
The presser foot should be raised before starting.
The needle bar should be set to its highest position. You can do that by turning the handwheel towards you.
This is the proper threading order – upperlooper (green), lowerlooper (blue), right needle (pink) and left needle (yellow).

This is the best way to illustrate how to thread a brother 1034D serger, a video that best explains it all.

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