Brother 1634D 3 or 4 Thread Serger Review and Buying Guide

Brother 1634D is designed for inserting zippers and adding ruffles on woven materials. But it can perform other serging functions like creating rolled hems and stitching blind hems, among others. It’s an ideal machine if you wish to sew clothing or finish edges with a professional look and durable outcome.

Benefits and Features

Easy to thread

Even to beginners, they claimed that this machine is easy to thread. Thanks to the DVD instructions and the color-coded threads of this machine. Plus, despite them being a beginner, they have produced gorgeous stitches and lovely result, when they set the tension at 4. If you’ve been told not to use a serging machine, that’s because those people who advised you that have not used Brother 1634D. Even if you have big hands, you won’t find it difficult to use this machine.


This model may not be the most affordable unit of Brother. However, it is available in a reasonable price range. Hence, even if you’re new to sewing or serging, it’s still a tremendous sensible investment. It’s not too expensive that it breaks the bank. However, it’s not cheap, considering its features. Not to mention, it is made of Brother.

Versatile stitches

Apart from its affordability, this machine can create rolled hems and stitch neat blind hems. And if you need to insert or repair zippers on your jeans, you can with the use of this device. Plus, it allows you to create ruffles on knits.

Variety of thread options

As the title suggests, this model comes with three or four threads options. It comes with one-needle three-thread or the two-needle four-thread. Either option will give you a seam that has some stretch capabilities. With a four-thread seam, however, it gives your seam wider and stronger. Furthermore, it can give you a mock safety stitch that gives you stronger stitch.

Safe and comfortable to use

One of the biggest worries of first-time users of a serging machine is that they’re afraid they might hurt their fingers or injure some parts of their body. Fortunately, this model comes with a safety feature. In here, it won’t start or run, if the front cover is open.

With differential feed

This machine comes with a differential feed that controls the movement of the feed dogs. You can set it to N, so the fabric moves through at the same speed. However, if you move it up, the front will go faster than the back feed dog, causing the material to gather. But moving it down will make the front move slower than the back causing the fabric to stretch. It’s especially vital if you’re using material that puckers.

Maximum sewing speed

The most sewing speed it can provide is 1,300 stitches per minute. With that speed, you can finish all your projects in one day. Despite the speed, the quality of your project will remain professional and great looking.

Brother 1634D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed, Soft Cover and Accessories

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