Best Cover Stitch Machine

A coverstitch is the two rows of stitching that you see commonly see on the hem of stretchy garments such as t shirts and knit dresses. The easiest way to achieve this professional look is by the use of serger that has a coverstitch option. Even though it can be bit expensive, this type of machine is worth the investment in the long run most especially if you sew a lot of knit fabrics such as jersey, lycra, rayon and spandex

Our list of the best serging machines that comes with coverstitch has all features that you need to accomplish your serging projects. We’ve consulted various user reviews to come up with this list of serging machines with coverstitch. They all have proven to be cost effective.

rother 2340CV Cover Stitch


  • With seam tightening system allowing tight, sturdy but flat stitch when working on thick fabrics.
  • Color coded threading system with lower looper to be the easiest to use.
  • Has free arm configuration to better handle sleeves, waistbands and other seams that are harder to reach.

Singer 14T968DC Professional 5 5-4-3-2 Thread Capability Serger Overlock with Auto Tension

Here are the benefits of owning this machine:

  • 5-4 3-2 thread capability. Lets you finish projects of different stitch types, such as chain stitching, flatlocking, rolled hems and cover hems.
  • With self-adjusting tension system. It keeps all stitches balanced and even.
  • Fast stitching. It can give you 1,300 stitches per minute with professional result.
  • Has stitch width adjustment. It keeps the seams strong and prevents the stitches from breaking.
  • Color-coded threading system. It makes threading a lot easier.
  • Offered with a 25-year warranty. Manufacturer’s defects are covered within 25 years.

This advanced serger offers the following pros:

  • With differential feed. It gives you several options when working with knits, single layer fabrics, etc.
  • Comes with color-coded threading guide. It makes stitching a lot easier and faster.
  • Stitch length up to 4mm. It’s capable of providing you with stitch length from 2mm to 4mm and stitch width of 3mm or 6mm.
  • Has presser foot presser dial. This allows you to safely change the pressure of the presser foot in projects that need less tension.
  • Offered with accessories. These will include needle set, tweezers, spool mat, cleaning brush, soft cover, etc.

Second runner up: Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger and Cover Hem


  • Automatic looper threading allowing threading to be a lot easier.
  • With safety switches to make it safer for you to sew a project.
  • Durable knife system ensuring consistent and smooth cutting of either light or heavy fabrics.


Choosing the best serger with coverstitch is a personal experience. You may use our list of the best machines in this category to help you out. We didn’t include these sergers on our list based on their pries. Instead, they’re chosen based on their useful features. We picked those that offer value for your money.

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