Top 5 Best Serger For Knits (Reviews)

If it comes to constructing knit garments, there’s very little that needs the assistance of your sewing machine whenever you’ve got a serger. This means that a simple sewing machine may undoubtedly get the job done using its serger friend doing all the heavy lifting. So just what makes a server a better choice for sewing knits?

You do not need to be fearful from knits, since, knowing the ideal hints, it’s simple to work together and attain professional results. Now I am sharing with you a top 5 best serger for knits, gathered during the year of.

1. Brother 3234DT 2, 3, or 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

The Brother 3234DT is all about ease of use and reliability, making a professional finished edge on all sorts of fabrics, including knits and wovens.

This high-performance server will perform the same essential functions as less expensive models, but includes some bonus features like a removable tray for clippings, automatic threader, an instructional DVD, additional feet, along with an extension table that doubles as accessory storage.

The massive extension table is useful when working with big pieces, and keeps the fabric from falling off of the side of this machine. This piece also includes storage spaces for accessories, keeping all the parts handy and organised.

Sergers create vast amounts of stained cloth that usually ends up on the ground. In case you’ve got a rolling chair, you are likely to wind up with strips of frayed cloth wrap around and sticking at the wheels. This machine comes with a removable tray that grabs the clippings, which makes cleanup a snap. Along with the standard multipurpose presser foot, this machine comes with a blind stitch foot and a gathering foot.

Though this model does not include auto-threading capability, it’s comparatively easy to thread if you’re searching for something which provides for an auto-threader you need to be prepared to spend a bit more.

2. Brother 2340CV Advanced Serger for knits

Top 5 Best Serger For Knits (2019 Reviews) 2

I firmly believe that this is the best serger for knits. It’s a beautiful machine that deserves your consideration. The Brother 2340CV is best if you’re looking to do a wide range of cover stitches on all different types and weights of fabric.

The Brother 2340CV lets you expand your creativity and stitch onto fabrics you otherwise wouldn’t be in a position to. Despite being incredibly easy to use, the Brother 2340CV produces a perfect cover stitch every time. The precision, control, and durability of the suture is just nothing short of incredible.

Threading the machine is super simple to do thanks to this colour coded threading system. You’ll have no problem creating professional hems very quickly!

I love the chain stitching capacity. This is something which a lot of machines don’t have. As soon as it’s not the most necessary of attributes, it is a very nice touch and helps separate the Brother 2340CV from the rest.

The Brother 2340CV can also be celebrated at finishing interior edges and attaching decorative edging at precisely the same moment.

This is something which many of newer, innovative machines can do, but the Brother 2340CV does it nicely.

This three needle machine includes a stitch length between 2mm and 4mm, a stitch width of either 3.0mm or 6.0mm, and a differential feed ratio of 0.7mm — 2.0mm.

3. Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

Blend sergers and cover stitch machines can be hard to utilise, which explains precisely why a lot of severe sewers and crafters such as a separate coverstitch machine.

The Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine receives a great deal of love because of its smooth operation and perfect hems; it especially excels on knits and conductive materials. Professional tailors and seamstresses state the Janome CoverPro is a fantastic selection for a small store.

The Janome CoverPro 900CPX is a different machine that’s as powerful as it’s beneficial.

The Janome coverstitch 900 CPX is an advanced design based on the union of an industrial-style cover hem machine along with a suitable home machine to deliver you the ideal house cover stitch machine.

4. SINGER Finishing Touch 14SH6540 Differential-Feed Serger Sewing Machine

Another superb machine for attaining expert finishing is that this model out of Singer. Much like self-threading servers comes outfitted with a 4-3 stitch setup and differential feed which permits you to make different edge completing using cloths; you can make ruffles and sew knits on lightweight winter without extending or hurting them.

You may use up to six stitches with four or three distinct threads, that allow for fast and effortless stitching.

Aside from stitching, it may also be used efficiently for trimming and overcasting fabrics. This machine is suggested for beginners because it gives advantage, fantastic speed in addition to reliability.

The colour-coded attribute makes this super simple to establish and keep track of threads while 1300 stitches per minute make this type of lightning-quick celebrity.

The pressure of this model could be corrected quickly and therefore is that the stitch length (2.0 to 4.0 mm) and sew width (3.0 to 6.7 mm). You may soon change over to free-arm stitching and shop accessories which come with this bundle.

5. JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

If you are on the search for a more superior serger, the Juki MO654DE ought to be up your street. This machine provides professional pits and will cope with much more time-intensive finishes easily.

With the support of this colour-coded manual, the extraction procedure will take just a couple of minutes. The lower looper is very simple to a thread; there is no more squinting to appear when you wiggle correctly. The pressure is not painful to adapt with this machine as it’s all of the required dials on the surface of the unit. The directions are not very intuitive but you when you are not sure how to adjust the pressure for a specific fabric, you could always check tutorials on the internet.

Among the best elements of this serger is a straightforward cleaning procedure. Getting in the core of the machine using a brush is simple as front and side swing outside. The engine of this unit is securely hidden, so it’s possible to utilise the work without the chance of blowing lint inside there.

Something which will undoubtedly be appreciated by a lot of men and women working with these machines would be your quietness. In comparison to other models on the current market, this one does not create as much sound. If that can also be a factor to think about for you, this machine covers this matter well as it does not make the entire room rattle as you are sewing.

The built-in roster hemmer is likely to make matters less complicated if you wish to produce a thin border. A differential feed will ensure your seams will continuously come out smooth regardless of if you are working with knits or wovens. Sutures may be stabilised as a result of the inclusion of a groove to get twill tape located on foot.

It runs perfectly, and it seems like an extremely reliable unit aside from the fact that it is so silent and fast. The price is somewhat higher than other models, but if you’d like a more professional appearance for your tiles, then it might be a good investment.


You can care for the suggestions and features contained in this compilation for a serger buying guide for people who are extremely new to this area. By studying this, it is simple to decide for yourself the best serger for knits to purchase in 2022.

You’re able to learn fast the many techniques of utilising servers to reach the best outcomes. These models are highly dependable and efficient and therefore are bound to create finishing that can sweep you off your feet.

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